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Schoology Information

Schoology - /skoo-luh-jee/

What is Schoology?

Monongalia County Schools started using Schoology in August 2018. It is a Learning Management Platform designed to improve the learning experience for students, parents, instructors, and administrators. We use this platform to post grades. Assignments can be found in Schoology and Google Classroom depending on the instructor. 

Do you need your student's access code to create a Parent Schoology Account? Or do you need your Parent Schoology Account rolled over from a middle school?

Please click here to fill out the account access form.

Ed Tech Leader, Summer Cochran, will email you the access code if you are creating a new account or have your account rolled over to UHS if you have an existing account linked to a middle school only. If you have students in two districts, Ms. Cochran will send instructions for linking accounts. Her reply is based on your responses to the form linked above. 

Once you have a parent access code you can go to apps.schoology/register to create your account.


For more information on Parent Schoology Accounts check out the Schoology Learning Support Page for Parent Accounts. 

If you need further assistance with your Parent Schoology Account, please contact Ed Tech Leader, Summer Cochran:

If you have concerns about absences, grades, assignments, etc., please contact your student's teachers via Schoology or email. Staff email addresses can be found in our Directory.