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2022-2023 UHS PTSO Officers 

President: Molli Hamilton

Vice President: Sarah Pilgrim

Secretary: Tiffany Gillen

Treasurer: Kendryn McDonough

LSIC Parent Rep: Position available

Contact Email: 

UHS PTSO Volunteer Opportunities

Social Media:

  • Facebook - University High PTSO
  • Twitter - @UHSPTSO

PTSO Voting Members:

UHS PTSO BylawsAny PTSO member may email comments about the revisions to the


2020-2021 PTSO Information Booklet

Donation Letter

Parent Volunteer Form

Several volunteer opportunities exist on PTSO committees. Information on the PTSO committees are listed in the PTSO Informational Booklet.  Please contact the chairperson of the committee directly. 

2023-2024 Meetings (meetings held in the UHS Library)

  • September 21: 10-11am
  • October 19: 5-6pm
  • November 16: 5-6pm
  • December: No meeting, will hold Holiday Social for Parents off-campus
  • January 18: 10-11am
  • February 15: 5-6pm
  • March 21: 10-11am changed to March 19: 10-11am
  • April 18: 5-6pm
  • May 16: 10-11am


2022-2023 Meetings and Minutes

2021-2022 Meetings and Minutes

2020-2021 Meetings and Minutes

2019-2020 Meeting and Minutes


2018-2019 Minutes