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The information below is for ALL admitted and registered HS ACCESS students. Students and staff have to get the COVID-19-Education Module done before the semester begins, and ANYONE who is coming to the campus MUST have the WVU COVID testing done as well, or pay the $250 fee:

  1. All WVU & HS ACCESS students are required to complete the COVID-19 Educational Module (posted due date is by August 22nd).  Admitted students should have received an email to their WVU MIX accounts. For more information on the education module, visit http://www.wvu.edu/return-to-campus.
  2. All WVU & HS ACCESS students who are taking on-campus classes MUST sign up to have a WVU COVID-19 test done in order to safely take classes on campus this Fall. There will be a $250 fee added to student and employee accounts if they do not adhere to the current ‘Return to Campus’ procedures listed above.  For more information on the COVID-19 testing for students and staff, visit http://www.wvu.edu/return-to-campus.


If you have not yet applied, students may still apply from the HS ACCESS website using Steps 1 & 2: https://www.access.wvu.edu/apply. The online and on-campus students must still have everything in before August 14th

For any questions, please contact Mr. Steele: frederic.steele@k12.wv.us

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