Project Citizen

Ms. Stepanek's 4th period Civics Course

In Ms. Stepanek's words:

"My class took on the issue of wanting to make improvements to the intersection at Canyon Rd/Pt Marion Rd/Stewartstown Rd because they felt that it was dangerous since it has five ways and doesn't have sufficient turning lanes.  The class came up with various policy solutions and interviewed local business owners around that intersection whose businesses are affected by the traffic, which put us into contact with Mark Nesselroad at Glenmark Holdings.  Mark was interviewed by some of my students as they gathered information and was very helpful.  He later shared with me that he is part of the Morgantown Area Partnership (which I believe is in conjunction with our area Chamber of Commerce) and that he serves on their transportation committee, and they were wanting to get involved with schools to promote transportation policy.  Our class was able to create a video to be shared during this year's Infrastructure Week where they shared our journey through Project Citizen and learning about public policy, researching problems, proposing solutions, and what they learned throughout the year with the project and about transportation policy.  

We were very excited to partner with the Morgantown Area Partnership Infrastructure Committee to share our project, and were so surprised that when Mark Nesselroad and two other members of the Infrastructure Committee (Erik Carlson-Chamber of Commerce and Tony Faini-Steptoe & Johnson) not only presented our class with a Recognition of Excellence certificate on behalf of the Morgantown Area Partnership and Glenmark Holding, but also a $500 donation by Glenmark Holding to our Social Studies Department! 


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