Yearbook Name: The Little Monticola
Yearbook Adviser: Ms. Skaggs,

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Yearbook Fun Facts: Did You Know?

  • The name of our yearbook, The Little Monticola, comes from our former ties to West Virginia University, whose student yearbook is titled The Monticola. The word “monticola” is Latin for “mountaineer.”
  • Approximately 1,200 students are enrolled at UHS.
  • The yearbook staff at UHS is comprised of about 7-15 students, depending on the year.
  • Our staff interviews hundreds of students each year, attends dozens of events, and takes thousands of photographs.
  • The national average cost of yearbooks is $75 - $100. At UHS, we generally sell the yearbook for $50 - $65.
  • In order to keep the cost of the yearbook low for our students, our yearbook staff sells advertising to businesses, clubs, and parents of senior students