Engrade Help

​To log into Engrade click the link from the UHS website or type www.engradepro.com in the address bar of your Chrome Browser.

Parent Engrade Account login instructions will stay the same as last year for students of Monongalia County. If you are having trouble seeing UHS, look at the top of the screen and click to toggle the previous school and UHS. Once set to UHS it should stay as the default. You can click the "Toggle Between Schools" link below for a visual representation.

If you entered an e-mail address in your account last year you can click "Lost Password" on the sign-in screen.

***Some parent accounts have lost the ability to view their student account with the roll over to 9th grade. Use the school code from the student or parent paper the student was given on the first two days of school or on Wednesday, August 31st. The link below "Add more children" will show you how to complete this.

New students to Monongalia County will receive an Engrade account within one week of enrollment or at the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year.

Students can ask any of their teachers for Engrade login information.

Parents can talk to a Guidance Counselor, Principal Burgess, a Vice-Principal or Mrs. Allen for login information. Please check this page for instructions and help.  For questions not answered here contact Mrs. Allen at k.allen@k12.wv.us or 304-291-9270

Engrade is a live grade book. This is the second year Monongalia County is using it. If you have a question with a specific class and/or grade, the classroom teacher should be notified through Engrade, by e-mail or by phone.

Having trouble logging into Engrade lately?  You may need to clear your browsers cache before being able to log in.
 *If you are using an Apple product, click here to learn how to do this.
 *If you are using the Chrome browser, click here to learn how to do this.
 *If you are using Internet Explorer, click here to learn how to do this.
 *If you are using FireFox, click here to learn how to do this.

Engrade Support Site

Add more children to your account

Toggle between students

Toggle between schools

Add another School