Technology Information

Acceptable Use Policy:
 Everyone must have a signed AUP on file at UHS to use technology at the school.

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Students Grades 3 - Adult 
Click for AUP  Staff that do instruct Students
Click for AUP  Staff that do not instruct Students

Policy 2460 - Educational purpose and acceptable use of electronic resources, technologies and the Internet

Logging into your Chrome Browser:
Missing your Google stuff this summer? You can get to your Google Drive and Classroom by logging into your Chrome Browser. In the upper right hand corner of the Chrome Browser, click on the person. Sign in with your UHS student credential using at the end of your username. Your Google Apps will be loaded to your browser and you will be able to access your Google Drive and Classrooms as well. Apps can be found on the left hand side of the screen below the address bar. Extensions can be found in to the right of your address bar.
During the summer your Mon County credentials will be changing. Check back for further instructions.

Click Here for further information including using mobile phones to log into Google Chrome Browser.  

Click here for Chromebook Tips, Tricks and Trouble shooting

Mon County Technology Portal
: This portal has help tips and "how to" information.